Lesser known regions: Thailand

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Good old Thailand. For some, a spiritual place with the unearthly power of showing people transcendence. A place with such magical beauty that it forces people from around the world to take stock of their lives under the peaceful way of Buddhist life. To others, the country that encapsulates exotic hedonism. A place that is fast becoming known as the party capital of the world with full-moon, half-moon, blue-moon, black-moon… in fact any type of moon party you can imagine decked with all the licentious trimmings; frilly, flowery, bobbley and shiney.

Not, then, the image of a country where the impression of Old World or New World wine would take stock. Its presence might resemble a stuttering King George VI attempting to deflate a Muay Thai wielding bar fight; asking for trouble and bound to get hurt.

But, how would a Thai wine fair? I’m talking about wine actually grown…

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